These days, I feel I’m hurtling through space on a comet, bound for some unfathomably beautiful place. The journey is largely defined by peaceful, soundless travel. Occasionally its punctuated by dodging asteroids, harrowing moments of hanging on for fear life while turning loop-de-loos.

I set my course. I pointed my feet. The peace that fills me daily grows stronger, solidifying inside me, as opposed to the gossamer wings I once used to fly just barely above the fires of anxiety, always fueling my progress with external feedback, searching for meaning in the constructs handed to me from everyone I’d ever met, and even more from those I’d never meet. Now with increasing regularity, the inner barometer within my chest lifts me high above level-one thinking and reminds me that wherever I am, that’s where I am, not in any past or future place, despite my ego clawing desperately to put roots in anything but the now.

I am alight with energy. From the Earth. From the vibrant foods I ingest. From the chaos and vibrating murmur of civilization. From all that transpired to provide me with this luck of the draw, this hand of cards. I ooze possibility. I sail on tailwinds toward the horizon, ripe with an endless sunset of pinks, lavenders, and blazing oranges. The sea salt sprays my face, mixing with the salt in my happy tears. I lick my lips and listen.

The bullshit is falling away, the blinders, the chosen sleepwalking. The excuses which padded the bowling lane of my failures before. Now there are no bumpers, there are no lanes, no pins, no balls. I twist and turn effortlessly through the sky, undefined in form, driven by boundless energy and light.

I’m scared of myself. I feel the power welling up to the levees in me. I see it breaching soon, and there will be no stopping it. The previous years’ comfort of refusing to move no longer an option, I fill my lungs with air




I shared this with you a few days ago. I’ve expanded on the original concept a bit.

Even in the vegan food world, there is so much processed garbage available. It is sad how far we’ve come away from nature in the name of advancement. I saw a few otters frolicking in the river as I left the marina for my walk today. Due to a low phone battery, I decided to do my daily walk without headphones.

As I walked the mile-long, tree-lined suburbian-looking street from the marina to the grocery store, I listened to the birds and I thanked the trees. I felt the air in my lungs and the blood pumping to my legs and feet, propelling me forward. I realized that I didn’t have any idea what kind of animals live around me, what their names are, how long their ancestors have been here…

I felt guilty for being blind, for so often accepting the status quo, that animals are cute when they’re convenient, something to be memed about and petted….and when they’re not, they’re something to be killed, tortured, neglected, poisoned, relocated, or left to starve from habitat encroachment… and by my ignorance and tacit compliance in an antiquated and cruel system, I was sending them there.

My breath caught in my throat and pain caught in my ribcage, above that muscular organ which we all share in common.

Then and there, I promised the otters and the birds that I would open my eyes and never close them again.


I found out I was pregnant the day before the inauguration

And I felt the full weight of my privilege as I jumped down from my station

Relegated, domesticated, afraid of what he’s saying

I’ll watch you grow inside me while I’m learning what we’re playing

See it’s a game, plain and simple, and you’ve got to pay your way

The truth won’t set us free, but it might make us pray

Are we all so different that world war 3 isn’t worth stopping?

Not behind our backs, in front of our faces and we’re shopping

If I could buy you anything, I’d buy you a new world

But I can’t, so I’ll fight, and maybe I’ll be heard


Dedicated to my baby, name TBD, due September 24, 2017

and to my sisters, Sarah and Shai

and to my mother, Tracy June