What if we had faith?

My latest creation in Notegraphy, an app you can stylize prose or poetry or anything in ☺️



I found out I was pregnant the day before the inauguration

And I felt the full weight of my privilege as I jumped down from my station

Relegated, domesticated, afraid of what he’s saying

I’ll watch you grow inside me while I’m learning what we’re playing

See it’s a game, plain and simple, and you’ve got to pay your way

The truth won’t set us free, but it might make us pray

Are we all so different that world war 3 isn’t worth stopping?

Not behind our backs, in front of our faces and we’re shopping

If I could buy you anything, I’d buy you a new world

But I can’t, so I’ll fight, and maybe I’ll be heard


Dedicated to my baby, name TBD, due September 24, 2017

and to my sisters, Sarah and Shai

and to my mother, Tracy June

Sleep Eludes

Thoughts in my head flow like an endless river

Fake battles I create and I just can’t figure

Out how to live from moment to moment

When the whole thing goes on and on

Aches in my belly persist like a drip drop

Leaking from a faucet it just can’t be stopped

Somebody call the plumber, oh wait

That’s my old man