Rain, green smoothie, paper hearts. I miss you.


Today is gray marked with breaks of sun. It isn’t warm, it isn’t cold. I turned off the space heater on the boat today before I left. I haven’t really been turning it off at all since November. I’ve learned through trial and error that turning it off during the day is a bad idea, as the amount of time it takes to warm the place up at night is too long and I’m cold well into the night, even with the electric blanket. Today I decided to anyway. It’s exciting to have some unknown in my day since so much has been somewhat predictable lately.

I love the predictability. I keep mostly to myself, except for work and occasional outings with Lisa and Mary. I like the quiet. I’m forming new pieces. I’m in utero. I’m becoming. It’s exhausting and beautiful. I am glad I can talk to you about it, that I’ve always been able to talk to you about it. Thank you for loving my various stages and regressions, my growths and my horrid tendencies. I love yours. I value you, I love you, I’m grateful for you. I have missed you this week, with you being on vacation in Colorado and all, but am excited to hear about your travels. I’m also so excited to see you in March! I am counting the days.  https://twitter.com/sarah_lachance_/status/833475444200529921



This explains the paper hearts reference…and also, I just like the concept of paper hearts, in general. Vulnerable, tear-able, light, porous, and like the ones hung on windows in February, often discarded after an event has passed. ❤



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